Paro, which located in the far western part of Bhutan, is a popular travel destination that draws many travellers each year. One of Bhutan’s major districts and a town of great historical significance is Paro, which is spread out over a lovely valley. The location of the town of Paro, which is a tributary of the Raidak river or Wong Chhu, adds to the area’s natural attractiveness. Paro is a beautiful and romantic vacation resort thanks to the Paro Valley’s divinely endowed location. Paro is a lush valley where you can witness unending greenery everywhere.

The almost completely forested rural areas provide the utmost tranquilly that many people seek in a vacation location. If you enjoy the outdoors, Paro will captivate your heart. Paro is the ideal destination if you want to have a quick trip or holiday somewhere that is surrounded by nature. Since the Paro Airport is the only international entry point to Bhutan, you should choose the aerial path if you want to fall in love with Paro. You’ll have the impression of slowly descending to the bottom of a bowl with tall walls surrounded by lush mountains.

Paro is incredibly rich in tourist sites, but to get the most out of your trip, you should choose to explore the area on your own. There are many interesting places to see in Paro, but before embarking on a guided tour, you might want to take a quick stroll through the streets while the Paro Chhu is in town. You can choose to go on a trekking excursion along the verdant mountain trails, or you can spend some time sitting on the river bank and admiring the bluish irregular lines of the landscape that serve as a beautiful backdrop for the serpentine river.

History and beauty enthusiasts could both be characterised as travellers. There are many individuals who are drawn to particular locations because of their rich histories, monuments, and buildings that serve as examples of bygone eras. Angelo-Cavalli-Paro-Dzong-Paro-Bhutan is the place to go if you fall under category two.Your journey through Paro’s historic districts, the gloomy interiors of monasteries, temple complexes, and other holy places, will be arduous. The town of Paro itself is historically significant and is decorated with numerous landmarks and holy locations.

Taktsang Monastery: Paro will astound you in the form of Taktsang Monastery if you can brave the perilous cliffs on a high peak. This hallowed location, also known as the Tiger’s Nest, is reached after travelling 1200 metres along a treacherous cliff. Once there, take a moment to breathe deeply before allowing the breathtaking vista of the valley below and the surrounding scenery to soothe your eyes and soul. When Sain Guru Rinpoche visited Bhutan in 747 CE, he founded the Taktsang Monastery. In 1694, the complex’s construction was finished. Despite significant damage to the original structures caused by a terrible fire in 1998, the Bhutanese people’s passion and dedication led to their restoration after years of work.

National Museum of Bhutan: The National Museum of Bhutan is a residence that displays Bhutanese culture, and it is located just above Rinpung Dzong in Paro. The museum is housed inside the historic Ta-dzong structure, which was built in 1968. The museum has a collection of the best examples of Bhutanese culture and art, and its highlights include some magnificent bronze statues and paintings. You may learn a lot about Bhutan’s art and culture from these pieces, which are on display in spacious galleries.

Drugyel Dzong is a district known for its stronghold that was constructed in the 16th century and is located 15 kilometres from Paro. The stronghold was constructed as a monument to Bhutanese forces’ triumph over Tibetan invaders. Even if the fortress is now a decrepit wreck, the location would nonetheless fascinate you.


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