Bhutan, also known as The Land of the Thunder Dragon, is one such destination where happiness and tranquillity may be found in every nook and cranny. This little, breathtakingly gorgeous nation is sandwiched between China and India and is surrounded by the powerful Himalayan mountain ranges, lovely valleys, high passes, perennial rivers, and the priceless, eternally cheerful people with a sacred heart. Take a trip to Bhutan. Bhutan is truly a gift from Mother Nature, and the people there go above and beyond to protect the advantages they have had for so long.

Despite being a small country (approximately 38,394 km2), Bhutan has something unique to offer everyone. Travellers go to this country from a distance since it is the location of utmost calm. Travellers seeking serenity and tranquilly will discover on a Bhutan package tour that the pristine and unpolluted nature delights the heart and soul. Bhutan is one of the ideal spots for lovable ones and won’t let anyone down if they’re also hunting for romantic gateways. Bhutan has kept its treasures for hikers, mountain climbers, mountain bikers, trekkers, and rafts fully open for adventure seekers. It’s a gold mine for anybody seeking an adrenaline boost! Bhutan is being explored because of the breathtaking natural beauty that has thrilled nature lovers everywhere.

Punakha Valley Bhutan


Punakha, the headquarters of the Punakha Dzongkhag’s administration, is a significant district >>> Read More

bhumthang valley bhutan


Bumthang is unquestionably the most historic in terms of old religious sites. The region of >>> Read More

Paro Bhutan


Paro, which located in the far western part of Bhutan, is a popular travel destination that draws >>> Read More

Thimphu Bhutan


The largest city and national capital of Bhutan, Thimphu or Thimphu, is located in the country’s >>>Read More

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