When planning a family vacation, one should make sure that children of all ages have fun. To be more specific, the vacation spot you decide on should include a full range of amenities that will cater to the varied tastes of family members that fall into various age groups. Due to their deteriorating bodies, the elderly members are unlikely to vote in favour of hiking and leisure activities. Instead, they would value vacations to locations that are revered as holy places and have spiritual significance. Bhutan is a fascinating travel destination thanks to its amazing natural beauty, rivers, mountains, valleys, and historical sites. Bhutan is an old Buddhist country in the eastern portion of the world. The elderly members of your family will have a blast at Bumthang, which is located in the centre of this landlocked Buddhist country.

One of the 20 districts (dzongkhag in Bhutanese) in the nation, Bumthang is unquestionably the most historic in terms of old religious sites. The region of Bumthang, which spans a considerable area and is made up of four scenic valleys—Ura, Chumey, Choekhor, and Tang—is known locally as the valley of beautiful females. The Jakar Valley, also known as Bumthang, is considered to be the largest spiritual zone in the nation and is located at an elevation of about 14,800 feet. Since Guru Rinpoche, the Buddhist preacher in Bhutan, healed a local king here, the region as a whole adopted Buddhism as its official religion, spiritualism has deep roots in the soil of Bumthang. Pema Linga, one of the greatest Buddhist teachers, resides in this wide valley. Pema Linga’s descendants are still present in Bumthang.

So, as you may have already realised, Bumthang is adorned with several temples and monasteries that reflect the previous spiritual zenith that the area had attained. Jambay Lhakhang, Kurje Lhakhang, Tamshing Lhakhang, Konchogsum Lhakhang, Jakar Dzong, and the Tangi Goemba are a few of the must-see locations in the area. Kurje Lhakhang is significant because it is where Guru Rinpoche once meditated, whereas the 7th-century Jambay monastery was constructed to keep bad spirits out of the valley. Tamshing Lhakhang, which is situated on the opposite bank of a river from Kurje Lhakhang, was constructed by Pema Linga. Beyond its spiritual significance, this monastery is renowned for its superb collection of historical religious artwork. Other monasteries are dispersed around the charming valley of Bumthang, and each one has a unique history to teach visitors interested in spirituality.

The Tangi Goemba is a major attraction in Bumthang and is just a half-hour’s walk from Kurje Lhakhang. Shamar Rinpoche constructed this monastery or temple complex in 1470. It consists of two sanctuaries and a different temple that is home to terrible deities. The goemba’s ground floor contains sculptures of Lord Buddha in various ages, while the upper floor is more fascinating because it contains a picture of heaven by Guru Rinpoche. Other than these, elder members of your family are likely to find tranquilly at Ura La Pass’ stunning vistas of Mt. Gangkhar Puensum, Tang Chhu or Lake, and Ugyenchholing Palace in the Tang Valley.

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